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CorporateSpeak in Academe: When You Submit Your Dissertation Is A Matter Of Strategy
March 8, 2017

During a discussion last week with a fourth-year doctoral student about his research and career plans, I asked if he was "on the job market."

His university, which UK’s Times Higher Education ranks among the top 30 global universities, had awarded him a generous Visiting Fellowship to spend a year at a major U.S. university working on his doctoral research.

By doctoral standards, he’s doing very well — two articles being considered for publication by top-tier academic journals; interdisciplinary research on topics that are timely and practical, theoretical and applied; and a “very hot” academic job market in his home country eager to welcome him as professor and consultant.


Will You Become A PhD (Dropout) Statistic?
Feb 18, 2017

When I entered law school many, many years ago, the Vice-Dean welcomed 212 of us with these chilling words:

"Get to know the names and faces of your classmates. At least 15% of you won't be here next year."


"You'll Never Be the Same Again..."
Jan 15, 2017

Watching four fathers from very different backgrounds compete for top honors -- and $10,000 -- in last night's Father's Day segment on Chopped!, I went to bed with new ideas on what to cook for my family -- along with three amazing thoughts...


Panning For Gold... or Just Something to Wear.
Dec 17, 2016

Have you ever walked into your monstrous walk-in closet and wondered, "Hm, what can I wear?"

Or, as in that LG commercial, where the guy stands in front of the multiple-door refrigerator and can't seem to find what he's looking for.

For many graduate students, trying to establish an appropriate theoretical framework or narrowly define a research problem falls into the Can't Figure Out category.


Be A Specialist -- But, Please, Speak To Your Audience
Nov 21, 2016

Some years ago, I found myself with a medical situation that perplexed my doctor, so he sent me to a specialist.

Three months later, the problem was still unresolved -- and didn't seem like there was even a medical term for it.

Will I ever recover?, I asked.


Are You Tired?
June 8, 2014

If you're a graduate student, chances are you've done this: fallen asleep at your desk... in front of your computer... propped up on one arm...

I've a colleague who's been known to fall asleep standing up...his 6-foot-4 (about 1.9 meter) frame draped over one of those 5-foot high bookcases...


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