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What You Gain:

Focus & Direction

Of Work


In A
Of Time.

The Goal:

To Get You
From This...

To This!

Academic Coaching
& Mentoring

For Doctoral Students

Ace Your First Year:

Plan Your Courses, Minor(s), Dual Degree Track, Stay On Track, Aim For "A"s, Choose Your Adviser, Publications & Conferences:
US$ 189 / month; or
US$ 1,899 / year (SAVE 16.26%!)

Pace Your Second Year:

Plan Your Courses, Stay On Track, Aim For "A"s, Publications & Conferences, Candidacy Exam, Narrow Your Research Topic(s), Choose Your Committee Members:
US$ 189 / month; or
US$ 1,899 / year (SAVE 16.26%!)

Brace Your Third Year:

Planning Your Courses, Staying On Track, Aiming For "A"s, Publications & Conferences, Comprehensives Exam, Research Proposal, IRB & Other Protocol(s):
US$ 189 / mth; or
US$ 1,899 / year (SAVE 16.26%!).

Grace Your Fourth Year:

Plan Your Research, Search & Apply For Grant(s), Check Your Timeline & Deadlines, Start On Your Research, Surveys, (Re)Write Chapters 1 to 3, Update Your Lit Review:
US$ 189 / month; or
US$ 1,899 / year (SAVE 16.26%!)

Race Your Fifth Year:

Plan Your Timeline & Deadlines, Start Job Search, Apply For Faculty or Industry Positions, Publications & Conferences, Expand Contacts & Connections, Analyze Research Data, Write Chapters 4 to 6, Commit Your Committee, Complete All Chapters, Submit, and Plan To Graduate (This Is The Year!):
US$ 189 / month; or
US$ 1,899 / year (SAVE 16.26%!)

** My Guarantee To You:

If You've Been Enrolled And Actively Participated In My Coaching Program In Years 1 to 5,
You Will Graduate Before The End of Year 5.

That's my guarantee.

If you're still not done after Year 5,
I'll waive your Year 6 coaching fees --
and make sure you're on track
to complete in Year 6.

For A-B-D's Who've Just Discovered
My Stay-On-Course PhD Coaching...

It's not too late to (re)start your research,
start and finish writing you dissertation,
so you can submit it,
have your oral defense or viva voce, and graduate.

Finally. With my coaching,
you will get done in 12 months or less.

Make this your year!

"Scheduling Your Defense"

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