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1.  Your Coaching Program works!  You got me out of my "Thesis Slump."
        Dr. Jane Munro
        PhD in Criminology

2.  Your "Analyze and Connect" and "Why Should We Care?" was brutal, but honest.
        Graham Scott
        Doctoral Candidate in Law
        London, UK

3.  My academic adviser recommended that graduate students in the department contact Dr. Serene...
        Rahayu, Lecturer
        Communication Science Dept
        Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

4.  I was about to drop out when my adviser suggested I contact Serene.  Now I send my doctoral students to her...
        Associate Professor in Politics &
        Public Policy
        Virginia, USA

5.  If all of your classmates are graduating ahead of you, do yourself a favor... talk to Dr. Serene.
        Dr. Linda Maloney, PhD in Sociology
        London, UK

6.  From doctoral dissertation, to book proposals for academic publisher and mass market.
        Dr. Tom O'Brien
        PhD in Political Science
        Sydney, Australia

7.  Serene instantly understood what my dissertation was about, and where it was weak or lacked analysis.
        Dr. K. Shanmugam, Ed.D
        University of Western Australia
        New South Wales, Australia

8.  I highly recommend Serene...  She is accommodating, encouraging and supportive.
        Dr. Hee Jee Jhiow, PhD
        Assistant Professor, Singapore

9.  Her experience and knowledge gives me the confidence to trust her.
        Dr. Tatjana Todorovic,
        PhD in Communications & New Media
        Lecturer, Singapore

10.  Your work on my teaching statements is really fantastic. 
        Zi Wang, PhD Candidate in Economics
        Pennsylvania State University, USA

11. Patient and quality editing that exceeded all expectations!
        Kris Chong, PhD Candidate
        Fuller Theological Seminary,
        California, USA

12. Excellent and thorough editing of my PhD thesis... improved the quality of my writing.  I continue to go to her for editing.
        Dr. Kazi Fahmida Farzana
        PhD in South Asian Studies
        Senior Lecturer, University Utara Malaysia
        [Received Best PhD Dissertation Award,
        National University of Singapore]

13.  Experienced with different styles of writings, aligned to different academic traditions.
        Dr. Bendick Ong, PhD in Chinese Philosophy
        National University of Singapore

14.  Serene helped identify and narrow my research focus, research grant applications, and I completed my dissertation on time.
        Dr. Tim Hill, PhD in Anthropology
        Los Angeles, California, USA

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