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Dr. Serene Lim
LL.B (Hons) · LL.M · Ph.D
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For Students:  · Editing
 · Tutoring
 · Coaching
 · Exam Prep
 · Career

 · Academic

For Faculty:
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Get It Right
The First Time

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    Making Sure It Is Done Right
The Best:
Coaching & Mentoring

How I Help:
· Getting

· Laying Out
  Your Work

· Research

· Thesis

· Preparing
  For Orals

· Research

· Getting

· Finding

What You Gain:

Focus & Direction

Of Work


In A
Of Time.

The Goal:

To Get You
From This...

To This!

I Am a U.S.-Based
Educator, Editor & Academic Coach

with a PhD from
a top-ranked research university
in the United States.

Since 1991, I Have

· Created, Developed & Taught Courses At Undergrad & Graduate Levels.
· Trained Faculty on Effective
Pedagogical Strategies For Traditional
Online & Blended Courses.
· Coached & Mentored Faculty &
Doctoral Candidates.
· Prepped Students for Qualifying Exams & Comprehensives,
Oral Defense & Viva Voce.
· Authored Graduate & Undergrad Course Materials & Study Guides.
· Won University-Wide Teaching Awards.
· Held Course Chair, Examiner &
Oral Examiner Positions.

And Edited Hundreds of...

· Doctoral Dissertations
& Master's Theses
· Books & Book Chapters
· Journal Articles
· Op-Eds & Feature Articles
· Research Grant Proposals
· Teaching Statements
· Tenure Dossiers

and much, much more...

Some Of The
Many Reasons
People Come To Me

· The Quality of My Work.
· Subject-Matter Specialist.
· Substantive & Developmental Editing.
· In-Depth Knowledge of the Process.
· APA, ASA, MLA, Chicago,
and Harvard Styles.
· American, British & Australian English.
· Establishing Realistic Timelines.
· Meeting (Very Tight) Deadlines.
· "Get Done Now... And Get Done Right!"
· Pre-, During, & Post-PhD Coaching.
· Career Path & Transition Coaching.
· Ethical & Compassionate.
· 100% Success Rate.

What Sets My Work Apart
Take A Look At
My Code Of Conduct

Edit  ·  Coach  ·  Tutor  ·  Publish  · 
Career Track  ·  Consult

Time To Get Started
--- See How ---

Again I Must Emphasize
As A Professional Courtesy...

That I only work with those who are serious about successfully completing their Doctoral Dissertation, Master's Thesis or book.

I am confident in what I do, and selective in whom I work with, ensuring ample time and resources are dedicated to each project.

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