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            Dr. Serene Lim
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Get It Right
The First Time

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The Best:
Coaching & Mentoring
Getting Started:
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Editing begins when payment
is received and cleared.

How I Help:
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What You Gain:

Focus & Direction

Of Work


In A
Of Time.

The Goal:

To Get You
From This...

To This!

Editing For Faculty
Articles / Books  ·  Career Track

Free Up Your Time.

I help you stay focused
on what is most important.

Whether You Are
On The
"Publish Or Perish"

--- or ---

An Adjunct
Seeking A
Tenure-Track Position,

You Need
Time To Think.

You Need
Time To Write.

And You Need
Time To Publish.

I Know The Drill...

X number of items within Y number of months... in addition to your current teaching, research and any other administrative loads.

You Even Need Time To
Apply For Grants.

This is where I come in.

In Your World,
Time Is A Precious Commodity.

I Work With You
To Free Up Your Time...

to establish What Needs To Be Done, and When, Keep You Focused and Accountable, check in with you two or more times a month, talk through issues or concerns, and edit your Journal Article, Monograph, Book or Book Proposal, Grant Proposal, Teaching Statement or Tenure Dossier
when you are done.

If You Are a Thesis Adviser or Thesis Supervisor...

I also work with your Grad students
to edit their Journal Articles, Conference Papers, Thesis or Dissertation chapters,
ensuring that what they submit to you is Clear, Concise, and Cogent, and
meet the same Exacting Standards
you demand of yourself.

Why Professors, Advisors And Committee Members Come To Me:
Take A Look At
My Code Of Conduct

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