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Exceed Expectations

Achieve Departmental Goals, Exceed Expectations, & Maintain High Doctoral Completion Rates.

Are You Concerned About Those "Phantom" Grad Students in Your Department or Program?

Universities -- and academic departments or programs -- publish their enrollment and graduation rates, faculty output, and more.

But statistics on "Phantom" Doctoral candidates who are in their 6th, 7th, or later years are not readily available.

It's like the information has been swept under the Departmental carpet.

Understandably so.

The current rates of graduation at doctoral levels hover at around 52 to 57 percent.

The non-completion rate is disappointingly high.

It shouldn't be.

If your Department or Program is determined to whittle down its Drop-Out or Non-Complete rates...

I know how to get your Doctoral students to completion -- with higher quality research, well-edited dissertations, and on-time submissions that demonstrate academic and intellectual maturity -- so they can quickly and effectively graduate and enter the job market, whether academia or industry.

My goal is to help increase Doctoral completion rates
-- I've been doing this professionally for over 25 years
-- and I work at standards demanded by the Top 50 universities worldwide.

Please note: I limit my role to Coaching, Advising, and Editing.

I Work With Universities...

to develop Programs, Processes and Procedures that increase student completion rates, especially at the graduate level, and align with the university's vision and goals.

I Work With Thesis Advisers & Faculty...

to free up valuable time, so you won't have to read draft after draft of dissertation chapters that show no improvement, regardless of the number of reminders and reiterations you have made in the last several months (or years!), and to ensure that what the student submits is cogent, concise, grammatically correct and rhetorically sound, and in line with your direction and instruction.

I Work With Students...

to determine their objectives, research workflow and dissertation timelines; coach, advise, mentor and hold them accountable at pre-established weekly or chapter checkpoints; and ensure they meet all Thesis Adviser or Supervisor Expectations..

Doctoral students shouldn't have to take 6, 7, 8, or 9 years to graduate.

Let's Get Those "Phantom" Grad Students Out of Your Departmental Closet Before They Max Out On Their Time Limit -- and Get åTerminated.

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