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The Goal:

To Get You
From This...

To This!

Welcome Fall Semester.

Ready To Complete Your Work?

It's Time For You To Finish
I Make Sure You Do!

"Highly Recommended By Faculty, and Master's & Doctoral Thesis Advisers From Top 50 Universities Worldwide."

The Goal Is Simple

Let's Get You Through Academia...
So You Can Get On With Your Life!

Deadline Looming

Are You Losing Sleep Over Your
Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation?

The Stories Are Always
The Same...

· You've (re)written your chapters
so many times, it's become
a jumble of words.

· You CAN'T WAIT to get out of Grad
School, but your Thesis Adviser doesn't think your Dissertation
will ever be ready,
or "Good Enough" to submit.

· You're a Year 6, 7, 8, or 9
Doctoral Candidate.

· Funding Is About to End,
or Has Ended.

· Job's Waiting.

· Wedding's On Hold.

· Spouse and Children Are Upset.

· Parents (Or In-Laws)
Are On Your Case.

Time To Write A Different
Ending To Your Story.

In the U.S., only 56.6% of all doctoral students complete their degree within 10 years... *
     - Council of Graduate Schools
* Whether you call it Attrition, Drop Out, or Incomplete, the reality is, 4 in 10 never graduate! Don't Let It Be You!

It's Time To Finish.

Every Semester, I Receive
Numerous Editing & Coaching
Requests From Stressed-Out
Doctoral Candidates,
Many Of Them A-B-D...
(All But Dissertation),
Stuck In The
"Can't Seem To Finish" Track.

Trying To Decide?

If You're Like Many Who
Have Sought My Expertise
Over The Years,

The Hardest Decision You'll Make
Is To Acknowledge
That You Can't Do It Alone.

Let's Get You Unstuck,
And On With Your Life.

Time To Get Started
--- See How ---

Edit  ·  Coach  ·  Tutor  ·  Publish  · 
Career Track  ·  Consult

Since 1991, I've

· Edited 530 Doctoral Dissertations,
214 Master's Theses, 27 Books,
And Hundreds Of Journal Articles,
Op-Eds, Teaching Statements, and more.
· Prepped Grad Students for Comps,
Defense & Other Major Exams.
· Coached Many Successfully Through Academic Stumbling Blocks & Hurdles.

Some Of The Top 50 Global Universities

Across North America, Europe & Asia Pacific Whose Faculty, Master's & Doctoral Students I Regularly Work With.

U Cambridge
U Hong Kong
U Melbourne
U Oxford
Tsinghua U
U Toronto

UC Berkeley
U Chicago
U Penn
U Washington

Why Faculty & Doctoral Students Seek My Coaching & Editing

· The Quality of My Work.
· Substantive & Developmental Editing.
· Subject-Matter Specialist.
· APA, ASA, MLA, Chicago, &
Harvard Style Manual Expertise.

As A Professional Courtesy...

I only work with those who are serious about successfully completing their Doctoral Dissertation, Master's Thesis or book.

I am confident in what I do, and selective in whom I work with, ensuring ample time and resources are dedicated to each project.

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