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Are You Still Losing Sleep Over Your Doctoral Dissertation?


Here’s The Reality Check:


Only 56.6% of all doctoral students complete their degree within 10 years…
– Council of Graduate Schools, USA


Whether you choose to call it Attrition, Drop Out, or Incomplete, the reality is, 1 in 2 never complete their Doctorate!


It’s A Worldwide Trend.


Do You Want To Be A Statistic?

Just Remember: ABD [All But Dissertation] is not PhD.


The Stories Are Always
The Same…

  • You’ve (re)written your chapters so many times, it’s become a jumble of words.
  • You CAN’T WAIT to get out of Grad School, but your Thesis Adviser doesn’t think your Dissertation will ever be ready, or “Good Enough” to submit.
  • You’re a Year 6, 7, 8, or (ahem!) 9 Doctoral Candidate.
  • Funding Is About to End, or Has Ended.
  • Job’s Waiting.
  • Wedding’s On Hold.
  • Your Spouse and Children Are Upset.
  • Parents (Or In-Laws) Are On Your Case.


What Do You Want To Do?

Every Month, I Receive Numerous Editing & Coaching Referrals From Doctoral Thesis Advisers About Their Stressed-Out Doctoral Candidates, Many Of Them A-B-D [All But Dissertation]…

“Dr.”-Wannabes… Stuck Perpetually In The “Can’t Seem To Finish” Track.


If You’re Serious About Completing Your Doctorate or Book:

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